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Eye lifting without surgery

How to get more youthful look without surgery?


Eyes are the main element of face, revealing a state of mind, and, unfortunately, the result of past years. Brow loses volume while aging lowering the upper eyelid.

Lower eyelid sinks forming bags.

Field of the orbit sinks, forming a tired, sad and old eyes.

But if the loss of a few grams of fat creates a catastrophe .... It is enough a few grams of hyaluronic acid, introduced to skill ... to restore harmony, sense of fullness and youth returned to the eye zone.

Dr. Merlin's technique of nonsurgical intervention?

Dr. Mark Merlin's technique of nonsurgical intervention can solve the problem and make your look shine: hyaluronic acid tones outer region of the orbit, extending the look in a beautiful synergy with microdoses of botulinum

It is one or more small and simple procedures without surgical intervention, with quick and immediate results.

It is important to add several fractional laser treatments to gain and tone sagging skin.



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