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non-surgical facelift of central facial zone with anti-aging and restoration of the central zone with hyaluronic acid, adds volume

Why cheekbones grow in years?


Lack of fat in the cheek area is one of the main signs of aging:

Usually it starts with the eye cavity (cavity, which starts from the eye socket and cheekbone down to the center), and only then goes to the entire cheek, leading to a tired and old look.

"Malar depression" affects such issues as dark circles under the eyes, nasolabial folds, sunken temples:

For a balanced and natural results you need to influence all of these zones

Doctor-beginner who acts on only one zone inevitably creates an artificial kind of unnatural intumescense, which is absolutely unacceptable.

Dr. Merlin

  • Making face lift restoring only the volume of sunken cheekbones and just filling them, it is not in any case pumping.
  • Treatment should be completely individual, based on the characteristics of each age group: selection of type of hyaluronic acid and required number is a decisive factor.
  • Density is usually low for the long-term result and absolutely painless injection, if an anesthetic is used.



Dr. Marco Merlin


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Dr. Marco Merlin