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Mouth, lips and chin

Recovery and lifting facial contours with hyaluronic acid

Aging of mouth, chin and lips

Mouth, lips and chin

In the prime of youth a few grams of fat allot harmony and sense of fullness throughout the zone.

With the passing of the years, lower part of face loses body fat and the skin shrinks, forming an infinite number of folds and wrinkles.

It is all complicated with relaxation and lowering of the skin, so filling made by inexperienced hands is risking to make an artificial effect of monkey mouth.

Dr. Marko Merlin

In the early stages it is enough to inject a bit of hyaluronic acid in the folds dividing the oval to hide little wrinkles and restore the oval.

It is extremely important at the early stages to carry out skin tightening procedures with fractional laser to prevent senility of the skin.

In later stages there is a need to restore the zone around mouth to rejuvenate the entire area.

Mouth should return to original volume without unnatural turgidity: lips are swollen and not rejuvenated.


  • Simple outpatient procedure, absolutely painless under little local anesthetic.



Dr. Marco Merlin


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Dr. Marco Merlin

Mouth, lips and chin

Mouth, lips and chin